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8 Food Recipes Made Easier Using the Forever Sharp Knife Set

1. Caprese Stack

Prepare using – The Forever Sharp Knife

A classic combo of mozzarella and tomatoes. This recipe includes kalamata olives and basil giving it that extra bit of flavour – Lovely! It might seem a little strange to use such a long knife when slicing a fragile little tomato, but we’ve never achieved a cleaner cut or more precise slice with any other knife.

Look how easily this knife slices a tomato, even after cutting a hammer!


2. Grilled Mackerel

Prepare using – Filet Knife
Looking for a simple fish dinner? Try this easy mackerel recipe. Made even easier with our filleting knife!
Watch the video to see the knife in use during our in-store demonstration.

3. Fresh Home Made Bread

Slice using – The Forever Sharp Knife

Fresh bread isn’t easy to cut, especially when it’s still warm. You’ll end up flattening the whole loaf if you’re not careful. With our Forever Sharp Blade, it’s never been easier.

4. Lamb Roast

Prepare using – Filet KnifeThe Forever Sharp Knife

De-boning a leg of Lamb can be a tough task. You’ll end up in disaster if you don’t have the right set of knives.

Once cooked, there’s no need to use a cumbersome electric carving knife. With our serrated blade, it will slice with ease.

5. Bangers and Mash

Prepare using – Paring Knife

You can’t go wrong with a bit of comfort food. From peeling the potatoes to chopping the onions, you’ll have an easier task using our popular paring knives.

6. Italian Roasted Chicken & Veg

Prepare using – Paring Knife  &  The Forever Sharp Knife

Chopping the vegetables can be a quick process if you have a well handled paring knife. Also, our Forever Sharp Knife Blade is robust enough to cut frozen meat. So if you’ve forgotten to take that chicken out of the freezer then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

7. Easy Chunky Tomato Salsa

Prepare using – Paring KnifeThe Forever Sharp Knife

Yes that’s right, another tomato recipe. But this time you’ll need the smaller paring knife for those finely diced onions and garlic.

8. Chocolate Cake

Prepare using – The Forever Sharp Knife

We’re not saying it’s difficult to cut cake…but who doesn’t love cake!

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