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How to make a café fresh frothy coffee in seconds!

All coffee lovers  – can I have you attention please! Here is the easiest, cheapest and healthiest frothy coffee you will ever have! You use a drop of skim milk, some coffee of choice, a bit of sugar if you like it sweet and hey presto- the skinniest of skinny lattes!
You can use instant or freshly ground coffee, it is down to preference and you can leave the sugar out as the Mr Whipstir Whisk will work just as well.
It is important to remember that you only need a small amount of ice cold skim milk each time you use the whisk.
30-50ml Skim milk per serving
Coffee (Instant or ground)
Sugar (Optional)
Jug for coffee
Jug for milk
Mr Whipstir  
Mug or Latte Cup per serving
Prep Time:  5 minutes                                   

  • Make your coffee (whether instant or ground coffee) and don’t add any milk at this stage
  • Take 30 ml of skimmed milk and whisk until frothy. (This should only take about 30 seconds).

TIP: Do not use too much milk and whisk each serving individually using the Mr Whips Stir.

  • If you take sugar then add your sugar to the frothy milk and whisk for a few more seconds.
  • Pour the frothy milk in your mug or latte cup and pour your prepared coffee in on top.
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