How to make McDonald’s French Fries at Home!

Are you a fan of McDonald’s French Fries? Would you like to make them at home in next to no time? If you answered yes then this is the recipe for you!
Follow the simple video tutorial above to make Mcdonald’s French Fries at Home with the Pro Smart Slicer.
1 large Potato
1 Tablespoon of oil
Salt (to taste)
Pro Smart Slicer
Baking Tray
Spatula or Spoon
Prep Time: 2 mins (plus 30 minutes for cooking)                                              Serves:  2
Step 1: Slice thin strips of Potato (Pro Smart Slicer makes this super easy)
Step 2: Add oil & salt

Step 3: Cook for 30 mins at 230°C
Step 4: ENJOY!
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