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Pennywise The Dancing Pumpkin

Hey Georgie, do you want to carve a pumpkin?

We challenged ourselves to only use TT’s products. We have to admit – they were very helpful and made this task a whole lot easier! How did we do it? Take a look at this step by step guide, or watch the full video Below. <<CLICK HERE TO SCROLL DOWN
STEP ONE: Cutting out the template.
After designing the template we needed, it was time to cut out the shapes. If you’re doing this at home, it needs to be the WHITE space. These are the areas you will be coloring in prior to carving this scary clown.
We achieved this buy using a pair of scissors and a paring knife. Carefully slicing the paper on a piece of cardboard.

STEP TWO: Marking the space on our Pumpkin

Because the pumpkin is round, it may be slightly difficult to lay the paper evenly. Try your best and be careful with how you color in the black shapes. Once you’re finished, it should look like the image below. (We suggest using a marker pen with a lot of ink. The moisture on the pumpkin may stop it from working momentarily, so give the pen a shake and you should be good to go!).
We decided to make some of the unshaded areas larger than they are on the template. (This would prevent any breakages later on.)

STEP THREE: Removing the Innards

First you want to start buy making a hole in the top. This will help you remove the guts of the pumpkin so you can add in the candle later.

Then you want to use a sharp tool to carve away the inner fleshy bits. (Be VERY CAREFUL when using sharp objects) This should be an easy enough task, but if you haven’t made the whole big enough to put your hand in, you might have a problem!

After you’ve cut your way through the inside, use a tool you can scrape away the innards with. We chose to use our peeler as it had a rounded end which was the perfect shape. Taking as much safety precautions as possible, we took the blade off and started this fun and slightly uncomfortable task. If you haven’t touched the inside of a pumpkin before, you’re in for a real treat! You don’t have to remove every inch, but for this particular pumpkin design, you want as much as stringy orange stuff as possible!

Don’t throw this away, you want to keep it for later. Try and remove some of the moisture with paper towels and get rid of as many seeds as you can (don’t worry about this too much right now though)
STEP FOUR: Carving the Pumpkin
Start scoring around the edges of the black shapes. You want to get at least half a centimeters depth, this will make things easier when you start to carve out the shapes. (don’t cut into the hair line)

Using the Metal Garnishing Tool we were able to hook into the pumpkin with ease. With it’s rigid edges and pointy shape you can cut out large chunks. Then, once you’ve created the space, use the other end to smooth over the pumpkin flesh.

After cutting out all of the black shapes, your pumpkin should look like this!

STEP FIVE: Adding the Hair!
Remember the stringy fleshy bits? That’s right, you can now add this to the outside of the pumpkin. Stay with in the shape of the hair, or go crazy if you want to! We don’t mind, really it’s all about having fun.

STEP SIX: Put the candle inside and turn off the lights!
Think you’ve finished? Well it should turn out like something below…

Watch the video below.


Okay, maybe ours isn’t perfect… but can you do better?

Use our template below (right click the image and select save as)

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