Culinary Executive Series – White Handled Knife Set

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  • Carving Knives cut through frozen food
  • Flexible Filiting Knife
  • Paring Knives are perfect for fruit and vegetables
  • Steak Knives cut any meat with ease


Introducing the newest edition of our sought-after Forever Sharp Knife!

This beautiful, white-handled, ergonomically designed set will complement any kitchen decor!
The same surgical stainless steel, fully-guaranteed knives and NSF Restaurant Certified, are in a set that includes:

  • 4 different blades, perfect for every need.
  • The carving knives will cut through frozen meat. Tomatoes are now an ease to slice, and if you’ve seen the in store demonstration – it even cuts through a hammer! Fillet the perfect fish with our filet knife, a strong but very flexible blade. The very popular Paring Knives – great for vegetables and fruit. Not forgetting our Californian Juice Extractors. This set also includes 4 steak knives, essential for those rare, medium or well done steaks.
  • All our knives come with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • These are very sharp, uniquely designed and dishwasher safe.

As seen in department stores, mass merchants, hypermarkets, big boxes and more, the Forever sharp blade can tackle the toughest of foods. Not seen our knives in action? Take some time to watch our demonstration video or visit a demonstrator in store.

Surgical stainless steel and guaranteed forever, they never need sharpening! If you don’t own these knives yet, what are you waiting for?
The Forever Sharp is a carving knife, a bread knife, a frozen food knife. Truly multi-purpose.
Add these to your Forever Sharp collection or give them as a special gift to your favorite chef!


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