Keepeez Vacuum Seal Lids

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Turn your containers and bowls into vacuum sealed containers!! These amazing lids can be used on glass, ceramic, stainless steel or plastic, and with the press of your hand, your bowl will be sealed and your food protected from spoiling! You even have the option to vacuum seal or make it air tight.

No need to move your food out of the bowl it’s in, just pop a Keepeez lid on and you’re done! No need to struggle with wraps that don’t stick, and unlike dishes that are covered in wraps, you can stack your Keepeez covered plates and bowls! Storage will be so much easier.

The patented, vacuum sealing technology ensures that your food will stay fresher up to three times longer! The protective membrane is durable…you can stretch it and it bounces right back! You can use Keepeez in the freezer, refrigerator and the dishwasher…and it’s BPA free!

This five piece kit will change the way you think about food storage! Different sizes will accommodate everything from a coffee cup to a large bowl, pot or pan, and everything in between.

Spend less time in the kitchen with Keepeez!


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