Personal Valet Lint Roller Set


  • Clothing, Household items and even car seats will be free of lint, dust and pet hair.
  • Easy to clean and reuse, each roller has its own plastic cover for protection.
  • You will never need to buy another lint roller again!



The Essential Lint Roller – The Perfect Gift!

Everything sticks to the Personal Valet! This 3-piece set of lint rollers will ensure that clothing, upholstered furniture, carpeting and flooring, drapes and shades, even car seats, will be free of dust, particles, pet hair, crumbs and any other dry messes that need a quick clean-up. A lint roller that never needs refills. Simply rinse in warm water and tuck it away until next time.
The Personal Valet Lint Roller removes unsightly messes quickly, easily and efficiently
Set includes three different sizes, including a compact, portable roller, a standard size for clothing and a large roller for household areas. Easy to clean and reuse, each roller has its own plastic cover.
Like all of our other products these items are fully guaranteed for as long as you own them!
Warning: Do not use the Personal Valet on walls as it is extremely sticky and may remove paint.


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