Platinum Series Knives (8 pc)

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  • Carving Knives cut through frozen food
  • Flexible Filiting Knife, Paring Knives are perfect for fruit and vegetables
  • Steak Knives cut any meat with ease



The same great Forever Sharp Knives with sleek, all-metal handles for the gourmet kitchen!

  • 3 various blades that are difficult to dull– easy to clean, non stick coated blades.
  • The carving knife will cut through frozen food, tough bread, and if you’ve seen the in store demonstration – even a hammer! The Filet is very flexible, making it an ease to slice through that tender fish. The very popular Paring Knives you can’t live without. Not forgetting our Californian Juice Extractors.
  • Our kitchen knives are fun, fashionable and affordable making it a very popular choice with young and old – and they also include a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Super sharp, uniquely designed and dishwasher safe.



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