Quick Clean n Green Microfiber Mop and Cloth Deluxe Set


  • Clean your entire house, top to bottom, with the mop and cloth that does it all!!
  • Machine washable.
  • Environmentally friendly and Reusable.


The perfect solution for cleaning all hard surfaces in your home or office, this environmentally friendly and reusable set will easily clean using only water, eliminating the need for harsh and dangerous chemicals.
The deluxe set includes:
One 5′ Telescoping Mop Handle with 15″ swivel mop head.
One 16″ chenille mop pad for for damp or wet use, as well as dry dusting
One 16″ scrubbing pad
One 16″ multi-purpose pad for cleaning, drying and polishing
One 11″ swivel mop head
One 12″ multi-purpose mop head
Three Micro Fiber cloths and a wall organizer!
An incredible value for an indispensable product!


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